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I guess the time of reckoning has arrived at last.

Amy certainly seems to be more effective than Elias.

The rules established by the company are very strict.


They each received an apple.

Per gave Sjouke a key to his apartment.

Sanity told me a week ago that he was planning to go to Australia.

Can I get a copy of that?

Mom, let's go! I don't wanna be here.

Laurel is seriously considering packing his job in.

She put two calls in for Gene.

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Kayvan didn't agree.

How come you've never been here before?

You guys are pathetic.

I told them you already knew.

I'm a busy man.


I knew it was possible.

Don tried to speak French to the saleslady.

The professor spoke too fast for anyone to understand him.


Now, why would that happen?


Put this Japanese into English.

Paul is untalented.

Lum isn't going to stop them.

How long did you train in order to achieve such perfection?

Do as I say.


I can't stand you sometimes.

Geoffrey seems to be the only one who doesn't know what to do.

It's hard to believe that Neal really did that.

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You should write home once a month.

Pratapwant's got heaps of friends.

I can tell you what's going to happen.


Pardon me, how do I get to Downing Street from here?


Does he have general common sense?

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Everyone knows that he's no saint. By defending him, we'd be accepting and encouraging his views.

It wouldn't take me so much time to do that.

The man is good.

What's Brett been doing lately?

Whatever she may say, I will not attend the meeting.

Benson is quite friendly with Ami.

Wait a minute.

The party was hosted by Dan.

I'm old enough to make my own decisions.

You'll call me, won't you?

They can't see Judy.

We've been trying to keep it a secret.

He liked making decisions.


She woke up.


I saw him smoking a cigarette.


I have someplace to go.

The bad weather prevented our ship from arriving on time.

Christina is in the mood for love.

Bike sheds are useful.

Part knew exactly what he was going to say.

When I was a kid, I often went to the beach to go swimming.

He fancies himself somebody.

I still think we should've said no.

He bought a hat.

It might've taken longer if Jacobson hadn't helped us.

The dog wagged its tail eagerly.

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Stephan told Kenton she'd just have to accept him as he was.


Mutual understanding makes for peace.

She cannot be staying at this hotel, because she has gone back to Canada.

I will carry out my aims.


It takes time to heal from a divorce.

John sat with arms crossed.

Where did she buy a book?

I'm a jinx. If I sold candles, the sun wouldn't go down.

There are many long words in the German language.

Lenora spends a lot of time in his room studying.

Eileen Collins was born in Elmira, New York in 1956.

In the United States, coal makes 39% of our electricity.

If I had a son, I wouldn't name him Slartibartfast.


I believe in the power of dreams.

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But there are other advantages.


Do you like the country?

It'd be illegal.

Were you scared?


You've got a great memory.

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Let's turn on the air conditioner.

Quit acting like a child.

We got up early in order to see the sunrise.

Mike currently lives alone in a small apartment.

If need be, I'll go with you.

Elwood just wants you to take care of his dog.

She quit her job last month.

He saved the child at the risk of his own life.

Dory was in no particular hurry.

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Irving has a history of alcohol and drug problems.

It itself that's a cause for celebration but there was one comment that bothers me.

Show us around.

We have to get dressed.

Everything is all right at present.

I was about to leave my house when she called.

I have a high temperature.

He's still sick in bed.

For many, it seems to be ungraspable that one can love life without seeing any point in it.

Sarah is trying very hard to get that done before 2:30.

We're truthful.


She can't be over thirty; she must still be in her twenties.

Lewis went fishing.

I want to make it up to you.

My Internet connection is slow.

Do you ever hear anything about Misako?

I've been feeling poorly for the last couple of days.

You would be in the same situation as me.

He was at the meeting, to be sure, but he was asleep.

I guess they really weren't busy.

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I wish I was wrong.

During the opening ceremony, the history of Russia was told through the dreams of a young girl named Lubov, which means "love".

I'd like to reconfirm my flight.

I invented an excuse for missing the banquet.

I would have gone to the movies if I had had the time.


The high house was covered with a thatched roof.

I was curious as to the result.

Prisons are full of lunatics.


I don't think I'll have too much of a problem with that.

Patrice would've loved the concert.

She has remained in her present position for ten years.

Thad gave me moral support.

The show will be a great feature of tonight's program.


Playing the violin requires much practice.


"Just pay up already, I'm saying." "Hand over the money, Yo!"


Even I can't believe that.

He hasn't made it yet.

It is severely cold this winter.


Your life depends on it.

It is healthier to climb the stairs.

Sergio didn't get to school in time.

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What did you decide to do?

She used to live with him.

Naren put in for a raise.

Huey should've asked Jeffie to marry him while he still had the chance.

I can tell this is difficult for you.


Margot was very shy.

He knows better than to argue with her.

Starfish are brainless creatures.

You must teach me how to do that.

The sun is up

We're spending Christmas Eve at my wife's parents' house.

Keep her inside.

I was the student body president in high school.

Eleven o'clock is good for me.

I like what you did.

Our parents should be taken care of.

The children tried to imitate their teacher.

He is kindness itself.

I like to shop at that department store.

I am very grateful to you for your help.

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The cost amounted to twelve pesos.

I wish I had studied French when I was in high school.

I've got to run.

Reiner isn't a very nice man.

Anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination.

Boy is my face red.

You've spent time with Marie.

Root was huge.

Stop it. You're being ridiculous.

Because Ceres is spherical, it is unlike the majority of the members of the asteroid belt.

I hate girls like that.

Could you enlarge on your new theory?

It is about time you went to school.

The room is full of flowers.

It concerns you.

I take my hat off to him for his hard work.

They furnished the library with new books.

What will I tell Thuan?

I don't want to show it to Manavendra yet.